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Welcome to the Skeleton Crew Website.  We are recruiting for our raid team for Warlords of Draenor.

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Skeleton Crew is currently working on normal and heroic Highmaul

Nemeses_Athenea, Jan 19, 15 9:51 PM.
Check back soon for pictures and boss updates. 

Putricide Down

Mandingo, May 9, 10 5:08 PM.


New News!

Mandingo, Feb 2, 10 8:32 PM.
Skeleton Crew is growing by leaps and bounds, and our ten progression is kicking some butt.

Lord Marrowgar


Lady Deathwhisper (and Gunship Battle)


Deathbringer Saurfang!





Trial of the Crusader cleared!

Mandingo, Sep 27, 09 12:49 AM.
We started the night playing with the Twin Valkyrs...
And then the Lich King made a personal appearance...

He talked a little bit of smack, so we went and kicked his champions butt!!!


Broodmother down.

Mandingo, Sep 24, 09 10:40 PM.
I am so stoked to get to do this fight again.  My first real raiding experiences were against Onyxia.  Such a walk down memory lane.


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